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This section describes the fields in the appointment window. The appointment window allows the user to add new appointments and to edit existing ones.

Opening the Appointment Window

The appointment window is opened when the user wants to add a new appointment or edit an existing one. There are various ways the user can open the window.

When adding an appointment:

By clicking the NEW APPOINTMENT button in the Top Margin of the application

By clicking the plus icon in the tool bar within the Appointments tab

By selecting Add New Appointment in the APPOINTMENTS MENU within the Appointments tab

When editing an appointment first highlight the appointment in the Appointments tab, then:

By clicking the pencil icon in the tool bar within the Appointments tab

By selecting Edit Appointment in the APPOINTMENTS MENU within the Appointments tab

By double-clicking the appointment in the appointments list

By clicking on an appointment in the Calendar tab

By double-clicking an appointment in the appointment history grid in the client's tab

Appointment Fields





The client the appointment is for

The magnifier button opens the client in a new tab

The pencil button opens the client for editing

The plus button opens the new client window

To See

The user the appointment is with

The pencil button opens the user for editing


The type of appointment


The date of the appointment

The calendar button allows selection of the date


The time of the appointment

Type in or select from drop down list

The pencil opens the user's opening hours for editing


Period to create repeat appointments

Pick from weekly, fortnightly, 3 weekly and 4 weekly

Total Number of Appointments

The total number of appointments to be created when the SAVE button is clicked

This field only shows when the Repeat value is anything other than None.


The duration of the appointment in minutes

Using Room / Resource

The room or resource to book

The X button clears the entry

Remind Client Using

The schedule to use to send the appointment reminder

The X button clears the entry

The disk button saves this as the user's default setting

Allow Double Booking

Stops DiaryBook from checking if the appointment is double-booked


Notes for the appointment

If an appointment has a note a star is shown in the appointments list

Double Booking

When adding an appointment DiaryBook will check that the new appointment does not conflict with any other appointment for that user, with any other appointment for the room or resource been used or with any blocked out times that have been set.

If the appointment does conflict, the user will receive a message to that affect. The user can then decide to choose another date and time or to tick the Allow Double Booking box to override the setting

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