Confirmation Status

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Each appointment in DiaryBook has a confirmation status. The confirmation status is a way for the user to track whether clients have confirmed their intention to attend the appointment or not. The confirmation status is shown visually as an icon in the appointments tab.



There is no confirmation status

The appointment has been confirmed

The appointment has been cancelled by the client

The client is unable to attend (UTA)

The client is unsure if they can attend

The appointment has been cancelled by the user

The client did not attend (DNA)

The client has a history of not attending (DNAs)

The confirmation status can be controlled by the user. In addition, if the user enables client confirmations, the client can alter the confirmation status from their appointment reminder.

In the appointments list using coloured icons, the user is able to see which appointments were sent an appointment reminder, which clients replied and whether the client confirmed their attendance or not.

Confirmation Status History

Each client in DiaryBook has an appointment history and with confirmation status management the user can get an overview of a client's history of attendance. It is for historical purposes that status such as Did Not Attend and History of DNA are included. These can only be applied by the user.

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