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This section describes the fields in the lapsed appointment window. The lapsed appointment window allows the user to create a new client group and to include clients whose last appointment was a specific number of months in the past.

Opening the Lapsed Appointment Window

The lapsed appointment window is opened when the user selects Group Clients with Lapsed Appointments under Appointment Actions in the Client Group Menu found in the Clients tab.

The Lapsed Appointment Window

The window contains 3 fields




New Group Name

The name of the new Client Group to be created by this process

Months Since Last Appointment

The number of months since the client's last appointment

Minimum 3; Maximum 48


If specified the user the appointments are for

Optional. If specified only appointments for that user will be looked at.

Create Group

Once the Create Group button is clicked DiaryBook creates the new group, searches through all clients and appointments and assigns the clients whose last appointments were in the month specified.

The list of clients can be viewed as normal in the Clients tab and can be sent a message as normal from the Compose Window.

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