Sender IDs

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Sender IDs are used when an appointment reminder is sent to identify the sender. The sender ID of an email message is the reply email address. The sender ID of a text message is either the reply mobile number or a SMS ID name.

Message Type

Sender ID type



Email Address

Replies to email address


Mobile Number

Replies to that number



No replies

* A SMS ID is simply a name identifying the sender. The ID is limited to 11 characters and usually any spaces are removed during transmission to the recipient's mobile phone. SMS IDs are usually the name of the organisation (e.g. HEALTHCO) or a more generic ID (e.g. DENTIST, DOCTOR). SMS IDs are subject to approval.

The Replies To DiaryBook setting instructs DiaryBook to use a system mobile number as the Sender ID for all text appointment reminders. To use another mobile number or a SMS ID the sender IDs must first be added to the account.

Sender IDs Tab

The Sender IDs tab is where all the IDs can be viewed and maintained by the user. To open the tab the user needs to click on the User button (showing the user's email address) in the top margin, select DiaryBook Settings sub-menu and click on Sender IDs.

The tab consists of the following:

Note: Creating a Sender ID is a 2 step process. The record must be created and then the sender ID must be confirmed by either the user or by DiaryBook.

Sender IDs Tool Bar

The tool bar contains buttons and menus.




Add a new record

Edit the record

The first selected record

Delete record

All selected records

Refresh the grid

Sender IDs Grid

The grid contains the list of all Sender IDs created for the account.




Sender ID

The sender ID


Date the sender ID was created


The type of sender ID

Email address, mobile number or SMS ID


The status of the sender ID

Pending means a sender ID has been created but is not yet authorised.

Confirmed means the sender ID has been confirmed and can be used.

Rejected means the sender ID is invalid in some way and cannot be used.

Add Sender ID Window

This section describes the fields in the Add  Sender ID window. The window allows the user to add new IDs.

Adding a Sender ID

To add an ID the user clicks on the plus icon in the tool bar within the Sender IDs tab.

Sender ID Fields When Adding




Type of sender ID

The type of ID to add

Email address, mobile number or SMS ID

Sender ID

The sender ID

The fill email address.

The mobile number in international format

The SMS ID - limit of 11 characters

Confirmation Code

All sender IDs need to be confirmed before they can be used. When the user adds a sender ID a confirmation code is sent to the email address or mobile number given. SMS IDs, on the other hand, can only be confirmed by DiaryBook.

Confirming a Sender ID

To confirm an email address or mobile number Sender ID:, the user clicks can either double-click the setting record or highlight the record and click the pencil icon on the tool bar within the Sender IDs tab.

A window with the IDs details appears. If the ID's status is pending, the user can enter in the confirmation code that they received in the box provided and click CONFIRM.

Using the Sender ID

Each user has a default sender ID for sending emails and text messages. Edit the user profile to change their default. For more information see Users.

Appointment reminder settings can override the user's default sender ID for text messages. If the reminder setting has the Replies to DiaryBook setting ticked, text reminders use a DiaryBook mobile number as the sender ID. See Reminder Settings for more information.

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