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User records represent both the operators of DiaryBook and those that appointments are made for. The operator of DiaryBook can be an administrative person managing clients and appointments on behalf of one or more users or can be themselves a user.

The number of user records allowed on an account is determined by the subscription level. The most basic subscription levels are single-user accounts.

In a single-user account the user record is the operator, user and administrator all rolled in to one.

Signing In to DiaryBook

To sign-in to DiaryBook the user needs to enter in the user id and password. The user ID is usually the email address of the user. Sign-in pages and all DiaryBook access is encrypted using 128bit SSL certificates supplied by Thawte Inc under the domain Other affiliated DiaryBook websites may not have encryption so it is recommended that signing in is always performed within the domain space.


Administrators are users with admin rights. Admin rights enable the user to view all appointment, client and setting records in the account as well as access the account and diary settings including the ability to add, edit and delete other users.

Non-Admin Users

Users without admin rights can access their own area of DiaryBook. In addition they can be given a level of privilege regarding other user's appointments.

These users do not have access to the DiaryBook account settings.

Audit Log

Each DiaryBook account has an audit log of activity. Whenever a user signs-in or alters any records the event is logged in the audit log. Admin users can view the audit log under DiaryBook settings.

Event details in the log are

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