Voice Reminders

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Getting Started With Voice Reminders

Automatic Voice Reminders calls your clients and speaks the appointment details to them. You can optionally ask them for confirmation of their attendance by pressing on their telephone keypad.

A voice reminder is made up of 2 parts

  1. Your voice recording script with general details of where, who or why
  2. DiaryBook's voice script with specific details of when: i.e. day, date and time

There are 3 steps to getting started with Voice Reminders

  1. Add a voice record
  2. Make a voice recording
  3. Add a reminder setting

Add a Voice Record

The first step is to add recording record that contains the script of your reminder.

Make a Voice Recording

Once you created the Voice Record you can then make an actual voice recording in to it.

Add a Reminder Setting

Finally, you need to add a Reminder Setting that you can use whenever you want an appointment to use a voice reminder.

Adding an Appointment

Now when adding a new appointment, you can choose your reminder setting in the Remind Client Using section.

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