What is DiaryBook

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DiaryBook is an easy to use yet powerful and intuitive appointment management service whose primary tasks are to help users reduce missed appointments and to increase waiting room efficiencies. By automatically notifying clients of their appointments and allowing then to confirm their attendance, users of DiaryBook gain a clear picture of their appointment calendar.


DiaryBook is software delivered to the user through the Internet browser. There is no need for installations or maintenance. However, the software needs a reasonably up-to-date browser. Please read the System requirements for more information.

Cloud Service

DiaryBook is a cloud service meaning it can be instantly and securely accessed from anywhere you need it. In addition all the appointment data is securely managed and backed up.


DiaryBook is used by all sizes of organizations from individuals to hospitals. Features and development of the service have been greatly influenced by feedback of public health services who use DiaryBook to manage hundreds of appointments across multiple departments and locations.

Video Explanation

This is a fun minute-long video that describes what the DiaryBook service is about.

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