Adding A New Appointment

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This is a quick overview for adding a new appointment.

Add An Appointment

To add an appointment the user should do the following:

  1. In the Top Margin click the NEW APPOINTMENT button
  2. The New APPOINTMENT window will appear
  3. In the CLIENT field, begin to type the client's name. The user will be offered a list of matching clients
  4. Select the client from the list
  5. In the TO SEE field drop down, select the user that the client is to see
  6. In the FOR field drop down, select the type of appointment
  7. In the WHEN field either type the date of the appointment or click the calendar button to the right to select the date from the calendar that pops up
  8. In the AT field either type the time of the appointment or click the drop down to select the time from the list
  9. In the REPEAT field select the period of time repeat appointments should be made and how many appointments to make
  10. The DURATION field is automatically set when the user selected the appointment type. The user can edit the value.
  11. Optionally, pick a room or resource in the USING ROOM / RESOURCE field to book that room or piece of equipment
  12. In the REMIND CLIENT USING field select the reminder schedule to use or leave blank if no reminder is to be sent
  13. Tick ALLOW DOUBLE BOOKING to stop DiaryBook doing a double-booking check
  14. To enter notes for the appointment, click on the NOTES tab
  15. Click the SAVE button to save the appointment

For a full description of the controls in this window see The Appointment Window.

Tip: For testing purposes, we recommend that the user picks their client record and chooses a date 2 days in the future. The default reminder options are set to remind clients 2 days in advance. By doing this the user should receive the appointment reminder within minutes of adding the appointment record.

View List of Appointments

To view the list of appointments on the account for the specific day used the user should do the following:

  1. In the Left Margin click the required day in the date picker

The APPOINTMENTS tab will appear in the application showing the appointments for the day selected.

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