Rooms and Equipment

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DiaryBook can book a room, piece of equipment or any resource shared in an organisation. When making an appointment the user can select the resource preventing another appointment being booked with the same resource within the same time frame. See the appointment window.

In addition waiting rooms can be added to this section.

Rooms and Equipment Tab

The Rooms and Equipment tab is where all resources can be viewed and maintained by the user. To open the tab the user needs to click on the User button (showing the user's email address) in the top margin, select DiaryBook Settings sub-menu and click on Rooms and Equipment.

The tab consists of the following:

Rooms and Equipment Tool Bar

The tool bar contains buttons and menus.




Select all records in the grid

Deselect all records in the grid

Add a new record

Edit the record

The first selected record

Delete record

All selected records

Refresh the grid

Rooms and Equipment Grid

The grid contains the list of all Rooms and Equipment created for the account.





The description of the resource

Waiting Room

Tick shows if it is a waiting room

Rooms and Equipment Window

This section describes the fields in the Rooms and Equipment window. The window allows the user to add new resources and to edit existing ones.

Opening the Window

To add a resource the user clicks on the plus icon in the tool bar within the Rooms and Equipment tab. To edit a resource the user can either double-click the record in the grid or highlight the record in the grid and click on the pencil icon.

Rooms and Equipment Fields





The description of the resource

Waiting Room

Whether it is a waiting room or not

If a waiting room the room is not bookable when making an appointment

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